About MIR Hardwood Design

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  1. All MIR Hardwood Design Hardwood Floors Custom manufactured  in Los Angeles, CA
  2. All MIR Hardwood Design products Hand Finished in Los Angeles, CA
  3. Yes, we are Licensed Flooring Contractor, Insured and Bonded
  4. Yes, we are Installing Hardwood Floors
  5. Yes, we are Finishing Floors on-site
  6. Yes, we are finishing Hardwood Floors with Polyurethane or Oil.
  7. Yes, we do Hardwood Floors Restoration and Refinishing
  8. Yes, we do Estimating. Send us floor plans (PDF format)
  9. Yes, we do Estimating on-Site, please schedule in advance
  10. Yes, we are Installing Moisture proofing membrane
  11. Yes, we are Installing Soundproofing
  12. Yes, we are Installing CDX Plywood Subfloor
  13. Yes, we will Custom Hand Finish your Floors, bundle, crate and  will send to your home
  14. Yes, MIR Hardwood Design are Green. Please request all FSC Certificates before ordering


Ordering made easy

  1. Select Product
  2. Quantity:                  We recommend ordering 7%-10% extra for cutting
  3. Select Width:           We manufacture floors from 2" wide to 12" wide
  4. Select Thickness:    3/4", 1/2", 5/8"
  5. Select Structure:     Solid or Engineered
  6. Select Grade:          Select (no nuts), Character (some nuts) or Heavy Character (nutty)
  7. Select Parquet:       Pattern and Pattern size, Specie


  • We are CUSTOM, we will Design and Manufacture anything you can think of
  • Send us picture, piece of wood or your hardwood flooring specifications
  • We will send you estimate


Delivery and Lead time

  1. We delivering Worldwide
  2. Lead time: 2-6 weeks, some cases may take longer

Email us: mark@mirhardwood.com or Call us (323) 852-1114